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The earliest memories I have are primarily those of church - Sunday school, children's church, Christmas plays. From an early age I believe God called me in two ways - generally to salvation and specifically to ministry. Every opportunity I could find to serve and lead worship in the church I would take advantage of. Though my teenage years seemed to be characterized by external obedience, it would take God exposing the inward depravity of my heart to truly bring me to a saving knowledge of Himself.

At the age of 21, I experienced the truth that pride comes before a fall. While living a rebellious life of self-exaltation and self-glorification, God regenerated my heart and revealed my sin before my eyes. Now, my desires are characterized by godliness and holy living. Not only has God graciously allowed me to complete my Bachelor's degree in Bible & Theology, he has opened opened doors for me to preach the gospel and to share my story of His faithfulness in the midst of my moral failure. It is my hope that my music would reflect just a glimpse of

God's goodness in my life.            -Patton